Custom URL Schemes on iOS and PDFpen

This is not an explanation of custom URL schemes, it is simply a resource on how to use  PDFpen in iOS with them. This applies to PDFpen for iPad and PDFpen for iPhone.

Open the PDFpen app

  • When used with an invalid file name this will just open the app.

Open a document, named "Panther", stored locally in the main Documents view.

  • Three slashes /// are used for local files in the Documents view.
  • The file name is case sensitive.
  • A file extension is needed along with the file name. This will usually be ".pdf".

Open a document, named "Panther," to a specific page, page 3.

  • Append "?pg=" and the page number

Open a document, named "Leopard", stored locally in a folder named "Big Cats." 

Open a document, named "Grey Wolf," in the Dropbox folder named "Wolves."

  • Use two slashes // with files not stored locally.

For sub-folders, extend the file path to include them.

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