How do I setup DiscLabel on a new Mac?

To transfer DiscLabel to a new Mac you should:

  1. Download DiscLabel to your new Mac
  2. Register DiscLabel
  3. Transfer your files

Download DiscLabel:

Check to see which version of DiscLabel you are currently using. To find what version of the app you have, you can Control-click on the app in Finder and select Get Info from the popup menu that follows. Look under General > Version.

You can download that version from here:


Register using your license. If you are not sure of your license name and number, use the email address you used to purchase to look it up on our serial number lookup page.

Transfer files:

All of your designs are stored on your old Mac here:

Open Finder and locate Go in the menu bar. Hold down the Option key and choose Go > Go to Folder (Cmd+Shift+G) and paste in that location. 

The Library is hidden in Lion (OS X 10.7) and later and so holding the Option key is necessary to reveal it.

Transfer that folder to the same location on your new Mac.

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