Snippets not expanding in supported app -- troubleshooting guide

Snippets not expanding in a TextExpander-enhanced app listed here?

(If you are having trouble with the TextExpander touch keyboard not working, see our keyboard troubleshooting guide).

Step 1:

Make sure to update your snippets in the app. You must fetch the snippets from within every app that you want to use them in. This is a side-effect of Apple's measures that keep one app on your device from crashing or interfering with any other apps.

Look in the app's settings for some kind of TextExpander switch or button. Here is an example:

Example TextExpander Setting

When you tap Update Snippets in the example above, the app will fetch the snippets by very briefly switching to the TextExpander app, then switching back to the enhanced app. Some apps show a confirmation alert or update a date display, while others do not.

Step 2:

If snippets are still not expanding, try switching on "Ignore Case" in the Settings.

iOS may automatically capitalize your snippets, and if you have case-sensitive abbreviations this may prevent them from expanding. Unless you need your abbreviations to remain case-sensitive, the easiest way to get your snippets expanding again is to switch on "Ignore Case."

Note that for this to effect expansion in TextExpander-enhanced apps you will have to fetch snippets in that app.

Step 3: 

Tried the above steps and snippets still not working? Try typing exactly this case-sensitive text into the enhanced app:

That should act like a special snippet abbreviation and expand into some text that shows what version of the TextExpander library is being used, how many snippets and groups are loaded, and some other information. Copy the text that appears and send it to us -- it will help diagnose the problem.

If "SmileTE.status" does not expand, then the app either does not have the TextExpander Library built in, the library is an old version, or something unusual is going on. It might make more sense to contact the developer of the enhanced app in this case, but we can try to help as well.

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