How do I print to a Primera Bravo Disc Printer?

Here are the instructions for Primera Bravo Direct-to-disc Printing:

Once you are done with your design, click Printing to get from the Edit screen to the Print Media screen.

1. Set the Media: popup near the bottom of DiscLabel's main window to one of the Primera Bravo options (II, Pro, SE, with or without Full coverage). If it's not in the menu, choose Edit Media List... from the Media: pop-up and locate and checkmark your selection in the dropdown window that follows.

2. In File -> Page Setup select your printer in the "Format for:" menu, and then select CD/DVD in the "Paper Size:" menu. After clicking OK, the disc preview in DiscLabel's Media mode should appear in a square of virtual paper.

3. Now when you click the Print button, in the print dialog select the options to print to the CD tray. Note, you can only do this from the enlarged print dialog, click "Show Details" at the bottom of the window (Lion +), or click the arrow to the right of the printer choice pop-up (pre-Lion), in order to toggle the small/large print dialog.

4. Load the tray in the CD caddy and click Print.
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