The OCR option is grayed out. How do I manually activate OCR?

If PDFpen/Pro does not automatically recognize a document requiring OCR, you can manually OCR the document. To manually OCR a document, choose Edit > OCR... 

If OCR is greyed out, this can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • The document was previously OCR'd by another program 
  • The document was partially OCR'd
  • The document was not recognized as a large bitmap image of text 

In that case, you can force-OCR your document (or page). To force OCR:

1. Hold down the Command and Option keys together.
2. With the keys held down, choose Edit > OCR... from the menu
Note: DO NOT let go. If you let go of Command+Option while in Edit, it will change from *OCR Document* to OCR Page).


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