How do I print to paper labels?

When printing to paper media:

Once you are done with your design, click Printing to get from the Edit screen to the Print Media screen.

1. In the Print Media screen of DiscLabel, select your paper label type from the Media: popup menu. If it's not there, select 'Edit Media List...' and check your label type in the drop down menu so that it appears in the Media: popup, then select it in the Media: popup..

2. Click on the Calibrate Printer tab. Select your printer from the Calibrate for Printer: popup menu. Click Print to print the directions sheet, then follow the directions to adjust the Left: and Top: popup calibration fields.

3. Back in the Print Media window, go to File > Page Setup select your printer in the 'Format for:' menu and your paper size, generally US or A4, in the 'Paper Size:' menu.

4. In the Print dialog, make whichever settings are necessary to print on your printer.
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