How can I enter today's date or a time with a TextExpander touch snippet?

Here are a few examples of special snippets that you can use to insert current date and time:

%e %B %Y = 26 August 2011
%m/%d/%y = 08/26/11
%A, %B %e, %Y = Friday, August 26, 2011
%1I:%1M:%S %p = 4:02:41 PM


Use the following special codes to insert days, months, years, and times.


%Y = Year, 4 digits (2011)
%y = Year, 2 digits (11)
%B = Month, long name (January)
%b = Month, short name (Jan)
%m = Month, 2 digits (01-12)
%1m = Month, 1-2 digits (1-12)
%A = Day, long name (Monday)
%a = Day, short name (Mon)
%d = Day, 2 digits (01-31)
%e = Day, 1 digit (1-31)

%j = numerical day of year


%1H = Hour, 24-hour clock, 1-2 digits (0-23)
%H = Hour, 24-hour clock, 2 digits (00-23)
%I = Hour, 12-hour clock, 2 digits (00-12)*
%1I = Hour, 12-hour clock, 1-2 digits (0-12)*
%M = Minute, 2 digits (00-59)
%1M = Minute, 1-2 digits (0-59)
%S = Second, 2 digits (00-59)

%p = AM/PM
%z = GMT offset
%Z = timezone

*Note the codes for 12-hour clock use a capital letter i

%date:<Unicode Date Format>% = date or time using Unicode standard format
(where <Unicode Date Format> is defined here)

Use a date math macro to make a snippet show a past or future date or time. This involves placing a math macro somewhere in the snippet before any of the date or time macros listed above. That is, time adjustment macros apply to macros appearing after the adjustment macro.

%@+1Y = Add 1 Year
%@+1M = Add 1 Month
%@+1D = Add 1 Day
%@+1h = Add 1 Hour
%@+1m = Add 1 Minute
%@+1s = Add 1 Second

To subtract the value instead of add, change the plus “+” to minus “-”. To change the amount of value, change the “1” to another number.

For example: %@+15D%B %e, %Y will expand to show a "Month day, year" date 15 days in the future.

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