How can I adjust font type, size, or color in PDFpen?

Change the font in your current document:
Select text in a text box. 
To select multiple text boxes, hold down the Shift key while selecting the text boxes you want to edit with the Edit Tool.
To select all text boxes click on the document and go to Edit > Select All (⌘A).
Select a new font from the Font Bar (View > Show Font Bar). Or, choose Format > Font > Show Fonts (⌘T).

Select a font type and size. The font in the text box(es) will change automatically.

Change the default font size of new text boxes:

  1. Choose PDFpen > Preferences (⌘comma) > Editing > Default font.
  2. Click "Select" to choose a new default font from the Fonts window.
Change the default font color of new text boxes:

  1. Select the text box tool and make sure a text box is not currently selected. 
  2. Under Object Properties, select the font color tab (first tab from the left with the letter "A")
    Select a new color
  3. Select a new color

Note: PDFpen saves your last setting. For example, white text with a black background was previously selected, it will maintain this setting. To create a text box with a new setting, select the Text tool in the Editing Bar, select your text color and fill from Object Properties, and create your text box. Subsequent text boxes should retain your last selected settings.

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