Can PDFpen do actual text editing: replace or change wording, change paragraph spacing, change font type, etc?

PDFpen provides the tools that allow you to edit text including replacing or changing words, formatting, adjusting font type, size and more.

Our short video tutorial, PDFpen: Correct and Redact, provides a great overview of working with text. 
To edit text:
1. Select the text you want to modify using the “Select Text” tool.
2. Choose the "Correct Text" button in the toolbar. The selected text will be replaced by an editable text block.
3. From there you can change/ delete text, move or resize the text block. 
To adjust font, choose Format > Font > Show Fonts. 
Tip: to expedite formatting, choose Format > Text > Show Ruler and most formatting options, such as spacing, will be at your fingertips. 


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