I launched PDFpen, but nothing happened. What's wrong?

Look for the PDFpen icon in the Dock - if it is running, it will have a dot or line below the icon, depending on your version of OS X. This denotes that the application is running. Click on the PDFpen icon to make it active.

If you click you'll see that the upper-left text in the menu bar changes to "PDFpen".

To proceed, select "File > Open" from the menu. PDFpen needs you to open a PDF file to begin.

PDFpen can launch PDFs, Word documents and other image formats such as JPG, TIFF, PNG.

If you prefer to start from scratch select "File > New One Page Document".

With PDFpen 6.2 and higher, you can enable/disable a preference to "Always show the File Open Dialog on Launch".

To enable/disable this setting:

1. Launch PDFpen.
2. PDFpen -> Preferences -> General
3. Check/Uncheck "Always show the File Open Dialog on Launch".

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