How can I search for snippets? I can't remember my snippet abbreviations.

TextExpander offers several ways to search for snippets. Search on all or part of a snippet's abbreviation, content, or label. Ways to search include:

Menu Bar Search

Look in the menu bar which runs along the top of your screen and you will see the TextExpander icon. Click on it to find a Spotlight-like search field. The results will appear in a drop down menu. You can click on a snippet in that dropdown and the snippet will expand in your most recent text field.

Menu Bar Search via Hotkey

Open the menu bar search with a keyboard shortcut instead of a mouse click.

Set a Hotkey:

  1. Open Preferences to the Hotkey tab.
  2. Click the Click to Set Hotkey button next to Snippet Search:.
  3. Enter your preferred hotkey combination. Hotkey combinations must include Command, Option, Control and/or Shift plus any character or number key.

Popup Window Search via Hotkey

Another type of search, Suggest Matching Abbreviations, allows you to search without moving away from the text field as you type. The search results will appear next to your cursor in a popup window. Use the "Set a Hotkey" directions above to set the Suggest Matching Abbreviations hotkey.

Use the Suggest Matching Abbreviations hotkey :

  1. Type some part of your snippet abbreviation, or a word from the content or label.
  2. Immediately after, without typing a space, press your hotkey combination. You will see a popup menu of all snippets which contain the word or characters you typed. 
  3. Scroll through the results and click the one you want to expand, or arrow key through the results and press Command + # to expand one of the top nine results.

TextExpander Window Filter

In TextExpander 4 and later, open the TextExpander window and look in the upper right corner for the search field. A search will filter the snippets in the TextExpander window based on the search term. Clear the search field to see all your snippets in the TextExpander window again. 

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