How can I deploy a multi-user PDFpenPro license to multiple users?

[This article applies to PDFpenPro. For PDFpen, please see here]

If you are deploying an Office Pack or Site License, you can activate them automatically at startup by including some specific keys in PDFpen's preferences file at [Home]/Library/Containers/com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro/Data/Library/Preferences/com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro.plist. The keys are:


They will be picked up automatically by PDFpenPro  (7.0 or later) when launched, and that person's copy of PDFpenPro will be activated.

These instructions aren't specific to any deployment system. The equivalent commands in Terminal on a single user system would be:

defaults write com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro ActivationCode "[Your License Code]"
defaults write com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro ActivationName "[Your Company Name]"
defaults write com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro ActivationEmail "[Your Support Email Address]"

Please fill in the bracketed items as appropriate for your license code and company.

Assuming you can write that information to those keys, you'll get automatic activation of your users via push install . Please note that if you write the preferences file rather than using the command line, you'll probably have to run killall cfprefsd in order for your changes to be picked up, as otherwise the preferences are cached by OS X.

Please do not simply duplicate the license file written by PDFpenPro on multiple machines, as that will not work properly.

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