Why can’t I edit in the split view?

Split view is read-only. Editing is conducted primarily through the main view and will appear in the split view. Global navigation capabilities via PDFpen and PDFpenPro’s Toolbar such as Zoom, Scale, Up/Down, Page are available in the split view.

Additionally, the following navigation capabilities are available via the Option key:

Sidebar: in Table of Contents (TOC) or Thumbnail view, hold down the Option to navigate pages or Table of Contents entries in the split view

Find: after entering the search term(s) in the search field. A list of the pages containing the results will appear. Hold down the Option key to navigate the words or phrases in the split view

Bonus: you can also select text, portions of pages, or whole pages in the split view. To select text, use the Select Text tool. To select portions of pages use the Select Rectangle tool. To select a whole page, click on the page in the split view.

To learn more about view options, the Sidebar, or searching within a PDF, working with text, or  in PDFpen, please see our Help manual in-product via the Help menu or online.

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