How can I restore PDFpen Library items?

PDFpen and PDFpenPro versions 8.2 and higher syncs the Library with iCloud. Users can now sync their PDFpen Library between Macs as well as PDFpen for iOS on mobile devices. If you have iCloud turned on, PDFpen will sync the Library with iCloud. If Library items do not show up in the PDFpen Library, please see I have PDFpen 8.2 and later. How can I restore PDFpen Library items?

For previous versions of PDFpen (8.1 and earlier), PDFpen reads its Library from:

[Home]/Library/Containers/com.smileonmymac.PDFpen/Data/Library/Application\ Support/PDFpen/Library

To access [Home] / Library on Lion and Mountain Lion, please hold the Option key and select Library from the Go menu in the Finder.

If Library items do not show after an update, if you changed Macs, reset your hard drive, or for any other reason, Copy your Library folder over then quit and re-launch and they will appear as you expect.

For PDFpenPro, you'll be copying to (it's still PDFpen after Application Support):

[Home]/Library/Containers/com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro/Data/Library/Application\ Support/PDFpen/Library


[Home]/Library/Application\ Support/PDFpen/Library

Please shut down PDFpen before you copy your library items. We also recommend COPY instead of Move in case something goes wrong and you won't have replaced them.

Otherwise, here are instructions for an easy way to manually back up and migrate your library:

1. Launch PDFpen
2. File -> New One Page Document
3. Bring up the library and place each of your signatures on the page.
4. File -> Save
5. Close PDFpen and open PDFpenPro and open the document you just saved.
6. Bring up the Library.
7. tools -> Edit tool (if it's not already selected). Click on a signature, then click on the + on the library box and choose 'Add selected imprint'. You can repeat this for each signature.

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