Can I extract pages from my document using PDFpen for Mac?

To extract pages from your multi-page PDF:

1. Click on a page from the sidebar to select (hold down the Shift key to select multiple, consecutive pages). 
2. Go to the File menu > New > "From Selection"
3. This should create a new document with your selected page(s).

Or, click pages to select and drag the select pages from the sidebar of the original document into the sidebar of your new document.

The selected pages in the original document will not delete, so if you no longer want these pages in the original document, you can click the pages to select in the Sidebar and tap delete on the keyboard to delete them. Note: to expand the Sidebar view, hover over the divider until you see a double arrow and drag the divider to see all the pages.

If you need to split a PDF into individual PDFs, you can also do this. Please see Can I split my PDF document into individual pages

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