How do I install PDFpen or PDFpenPro?

See the installation instructions here.


To install PDFpen/Pro:

1. Download the standard disk image (“.dmg”) file on your Mac.

2. Double-click on the .dmg file to mount it. You will see the PDFpen/Pro application and the link to your Applications folder.

3. To install, drag the PDFpen/Pro application over to your Applications folder. This action copies PDFpen/Pro onto your Mac’s hard drive. 4. After installation, you may eject (unmount) the disk image and discard the .dmg file. 

You will see PDFpen/Pro in Finder under Applications.

Important: If you have a Mac App Store version of PDFpen/Pro, you must install from the Mac App Store application.

NOTE: An internet connection is required for installation and registration.

Install PDFpen 9 and Earlier:

1. Locate the downloaded PDFpen or PDFpenPro application. It is likely in your Downloads folder.  
2. Drag PDFpen, or PDFpenPro to your Applications folder to complete installation.  

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