How can I edit or delete document metadata?

Document metadata typically refers to background information stored with a document, such as the title, subject, author, keywords, date and time the document was created or modified, and the application it was created with. 

To delete document metadata in PDFpen/Pro:

1. Launch your document in PDFpen.   
2. Choose Inspector > Document Information.
3. Edit or delete any sensitive information appearing in the fields.

Currently, PDFpen/Pro does not directly have a sanitizing feature similar to Acrobat where information in a PDF file, including links, JavaScript, annotations, form fields, attachments, Table of Contents, bookmarks, and other MS Office or scanner metadata etc. are deleted all at once. However, PDFpen does allow users to export a file as a flattened PDF (File > Export > Export to: Flattened PDF) or to TIFF (File > Export > Export to: TIFF). 

Flattening a PDF will strip the document of its annotation layers including links, form fields, attachments, Table of Contents, and bookmarks. Saving a document in TIFF and back to PDF creates a new document, removes most metadata, and is most similar to sanitizing a document. 

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