PDFpen Copy Library from iCloud

PDFpen & PDFpenPro versions 8.2 or greater running on macOS 10.12 Sierra or newer automatically sync your iCloud-based your Library between devices, and work directly with the Library you use on PDFpen for iPad and iPhone.

If you’re migrating your Library from PDFpen v6 or older, you will need to follow the instructions below:

As a sandboxed application, PDFpen 7 (or newer) can’t directly access files from the Mac App Store version of PDFpen 6’s Library. This means it can’t copy those files without action on your part.

Smile offers a script which will perform a one time copy of the version 6 library files to the standard PDFpen 7 or newer Library location.

To install this script:

  1. Download the Copy Library from iCloud 1.0.zip file
  2. Double-click the Copy Library from iCloud 1.0.zip file to extract the Copy Library from iCloud 1.0 application
  3. Double-click the Copy Library from iCloud 1.0 application and specify whether you have PDFpen or PDFpenPro
  4. Confirm that you accept to replace your existing (v7 or newer) Library folder by clicking the Replace button
  5. The script should indicate that the iCloud-based library was copied

If you have questions or run into any difficulty, please contact support.

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