Submit Form Script Example

PDFpenPro can create submit buttons that submit form data via the web. We’ve created an example script which can create and collect submitted form data into a Google Spreadsheet. We think it’s quite handy, and it can serve as a starting point for your scripts.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of CGI scripting and a dash of Perl and Ruby; a server that will allow you to create and deploy your own CGI script

Instructions for configuring your web/application server

1. Download the latest scripts (version 1.0)

2. Place the script files and the two PDFs in your cgi-bin folder

3. Ensure the script files have permission to execute

4. Grab the Ruby Google stuff:
gem sources -a
sudo gem install google-spreadsheet-ruby

5. Use CPAN to install:

6. In pdfpen_google.rb, fill in your google_username and google_password

7. In pdfpen_submit.cgi, fill in your $cgi_bin_dir and $debug_dump_dir

8. Create a form using PDFpenPro 5 and point the submit button at

Note: These scripts are provided as-is to serve as an example of form submission via HTTP. Also, we’re not affiliated with Google.

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