Install PDF Workflow

PDF Workflows in macOS are shown in the PDF menu of the print dialog. Smile offers a PDF Workflow which allows you to choose “Open with PDFpen” from the print dialog in any application. To install this PDF Workflow:

  1. Download the Install PDF file
  2. Double-click the Install PDF file to extract the Install PDF Workflow application
  3. Double-click the Install PDF Workflow application and specify whether you have PDFpen or PDFpenPro
  4. The application should indicate that the PDF Workflow is installed

If you have questions or run into any difficulty, please contact support.

(In case you’re curious, versions of PDFpen prior to 5.9 could install the PDF Workflow automatically. Now that PDFpen is sandboxed for enhanced security, explicit user action outside the context of PDFpen is required to install any type of system-wide service, including the PDF Workflow.)

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