With the TextExpander touch keyboard, why do I need a TextExpander touch-enhanced app?

While the custom TextExpander keyboard allows users to expand snippets in any app, there are a couple of types of snippets which cannot expand via the keyboard.

  • Rich text and formatted text snippets will expand as plain text
  • Fill-in snippets cannot expand via the keyboard

If you use a TextExpander touch-enhanced app, you won't have those limitations. With a TextExpander touch-enhanced app you can:

  • Expand formatted text snippets
  • Expand fill-in snippets, note that not all apps have chosen to implement this feature
  • Expand snippets using any keyboard you want, not just the TextExpander keyboard
  • Expand snippets with a Bluetooth keyboard

Check out our list of over 60 apps with TextExpander touch support; the list keeps growing.

iOS app developers can learn more about the free TextExpander touch SDK on our site.

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