Can I add and edit Bookmarks with PDFpen?

Bookmarks help with navigation and are essentially placeholders for specific pages of interest. Bookmarks can be added to your document with both PDFpen and PDFpenPro.

Bookmarks are viewed at the top of the Table of Contents in the Sidebar.

Add a Bookmark

  1. Select a page.
  2. From the menu bar choose Edit > Bookmarks > Add Bookmark, or click on the "Add Bookmark" button in the Toolbar. (See Toolbar). Bookmarks will appear as "Page [x]" where x is the page number bookmarked.

Remove a Bookmark

  1. Select the entry in the sidebar.
  2. Choose Edit > Bookmark > Remove Entry, or Control+click on the entry for the context menu, then choose Remove Entry. Alternatively, click on the Cog button at the bottom of the sidebar and select Remove Entry.

Edit a Bookmark

This capability is available in PDFpenPro only because bookmarks behave similarly to the Table of Contents in a PDF, but perform a slightly different task. See "How Can I Edit Bookmarks in PDFpenPro" for more details. 

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