Which apps can I use for mobile scanning?

PDFpen Scan+ was discontinued in September 2019. Learn more: PDFpen Scan+ Discontinued

You can keep using Scan+ on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 12. Scan+ will likely work on later OS versions, but will not be fully supported. Scan+ will remain accessible through the App Store’s “Purchases” tab. 

We recognize that our decision to discontinue developing this app may affect your workflow, and we do not take this interruption lightly. For mobile scanning, we recommend using Continuity Camera (requires macOS 10.14 and iOS 12 or higher) or Apple’s Notes app (requires iOS 11 or higher). Both options create high-quality scans using an iPad or iPhone.  

PDFpen for Mac (version 11x and higher) supports Continuity Camera and provides an advanced OCR engine for accurate and seamless digital text conversion. 

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